If it is your first-time forklift purchase in the market or you want to look outside your previous dealer, it is helpful to ask the right and important questions to a forklift dealer in Atlanta or anywhere around the USA before deciding to work together. With many dealers on the online forklift marketplace, these questions can help you narrow down your selection of forklift service providers In Atlanta, GA easily and efficiently. Accurate Forklift is the leading and reputable company in the area, we are ready to answer any questions and provide the best forklift services to businesses in Atlanta. In this blog, we present the top five things to ask your forklift dealer.

  1. Equipment Specifications

It is important to ask about the technical specifications of the forklifts that the dealer has in-store. Depending on your technical requirements such as the average and max load that the forklift will handle, dimensions of the job site, lifting height, whether it can be used outdoors, among others, our specialized technicians will answer everything that helps you match up your technical requirements. We will also provide you information if there are any discrepancies, to help you avoid looking for other options.

  1. Service Schedulē

Since forklift equipment can eventually fail, they require maintenance and services. This is why businesses must be prepared in the event that their forklift breaks down with fast and ready service. This will help you avoid your operations from slowing down because you don’t have an adequate number of forklifts to move the load around.


This is why it is important to ask the forklift dealer about their service schedule. Whether you require to bring forklifts in or need technicians out on-site, ask how long it takes for them to fulfill a service request. Here at Accurate Forklift, we want to deal with clients for a long time so we make sure that we can service their machines quickly and without any problems.

  1. Warranty Specifics

At Accurate Forklift we always want clients to get a good warranty on their forklift as possible to avoid spending money every time the forklift requires a part replaced or some maintenance services. This is why when our customers ask about our warranty specifics, our specialists make sure they provide every detail.

  1. Parts Availability

It is important to ask about parts availability when you are talking to a forklift dealer, especially those that feature a unique product on the market as chances are that the replacement parts for that unit may be difficult to find.


This information is helpful when the forklift breaks down and avoids days of delays until replacement parts get shipped into it. Make sure you ask the forklift dealer about the delivery times for parts so as to make sure that the shipping timing meets your expectations.

  1. Fuel type

Last but not least, ask the forklift dealer about the range of fuel options they have in their inventory. This is because the type of fuel the forklift uses has a direct impact on its safety factors, power, and running costs. At Accurate Forklift our inventory feature forklift operates on diesel, electric batteries, or liquefied petroleum gas.

 Summing Up

The above-listed questions can be helpful even if you have been using a certain supplier for years, knowing the answers can make you obtain competitive quotes from other dealers. While there are many options to consider when buying a forklift truck, Accurate Forklift is here to serve you. We have a wide range of forklifts including used forklifts and attachments. We are the leading forklift service provider in Atlanta, GA. feel free to call us at 770-692-1455 or email service@accurateforklift.net for good quality forklifts and other services.

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