Given the many opportunities available to buy used forklifts that give you real value for money and save at the same time, making the right choice has never been more important. Making the wrong choice can land you with a forklift that is inefficient, prone to frequent breakdowns, involves costly maintenance, or hardly has any parts available on the market. Even after adhering to all common tips such as finding a reputable and registered dealer, there are a lot of other considerations that you have to make. Let’s dig in to learn some of the prominent ones.

Forklift condition

Most of our previous blogs of used forklift buying tips have dwelt on establishing the condition of the forklift. This remains a very important step that has to be executed in a methodical way. We are not going to cover tips on assessing the condition of the forklift but look at other, often overlooked, considerations.


Your assessment of the engine should start, but not end, with a test drive. It is important to have a good idea about its performance. The first tip is always make sure that the forklift engine starts cold. You must be suspicious if you find the engine already running or hot, as it might betray the existence of issues when you try to start it cold. Ask the agent providing used forklifts for sale to give you a demonstration of the equipment in actual action. Make sure to also test the any attachment that come with the forklift truck.

Parts availability

Whenever you consider buying a forklift for sale, research on the availability of spares and how much their cost compares to those of other models on offer. Avoid buying a forklift whose parts are difficult to find or significantly more expensive compared to other models. This is especially true when opting for old models or less popular brands.


Make sure that all the paperwork relating to the forklift is in order. The forklift ought to be legal and safe to operate. Ask for the safety certificate and be sure that the forklift for sale have gone through servicing at the hands of a qualified and experienced mechanic.

Talk to Accurate Forklift

If you are looking to buy a used forklift in Atlanta that is in tip-top condition and features a warranty and fitness certificate, talk to Accurate Forklift. We offer amazing deals on a range of popular forklift makes and models. Call us today to discuss your requirement at 770-692-1455 or mail to sales@ea5.3ad.myftpupload.com.

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  1. I like that you mentioned testing any attachments that come with the forklift when on site. You want to be sure all parts are working properly for the money you are going to pay. Buying used can save you money if you follow the protocol.

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