Whether you own a forklift or you are a fleet manager looking to repair and maintain your equipment, buying used forklift parts from reputable dealers in Atlanta, GA has several benefits. Especially if you are operating on a limited budget, investing in good-condition used forklift parts that are equally effective can be an affordable alternative. Here at Accurate Forklift, we offer high-quality and professionally rebuilt forklift transmissions, steer axles, and other used parts in Atlanta, GA. Our experienced technicians are ready to assist material handling businesses to meet their requirements and benefit from used forklift parts as they are a worthwhile investment and provide peace of mind.


Continuing on the subject, to help you make the right decision, in this blog, we share the top reasons to consider buying used forklift parts from Accurate Forklift.

  • Refurbishing

Our used forklift parts are professionally refurbished specifically for resale purposes, this means that all the used parts we offer have been treated and tuned up. The refurbishing process makes the used forklift parts as effective and valuable as brand-new ones. Also, buying refurbished forklift parts that have been reconditioned and restored can be beneficial as it is an affordable option compared to buying new ones.

  • OEM Standards

We make sure that our used forklift parts meet original equipment manufacturer standards (OEM). Apart from reassuring clients that the used parts are made by the original automakers, this helps them avoid buying parts that were made by third-party manufacturers. As we ensure that our used forklift parts are labeled as “OEM parts”, it helps you know that the parts were made specifically for your forklift make and model.

  • Availability

As a well-established, experienced forklift dealer that has a great-standing reputation and more than 27 years in the industry, Accurate Forklift offers a very easy and convenient way to find any used forklift part for almost any make or model. This is why many businesses partner with us as we feature all the credentials, we are a trustworthy source for buying used forklift parts.

  • Eco-Friendly

Buying used forklift parts is good for the environment as it can be a way to help save our natural resources. As they will be no need to mine new steel and manufacture more parts, processes that may have negative effects on the environment, considering used forklift parts can contribute to the preservation of the ecosystems and natural resources.

Premium Quality Used forklift Parts in Atlanta, GA

Call the Accurate Forklift team at 770-692-1455 to buy well-inspected used forklift parts in Atlanta, GA. Accurate Forklift offers on-site forklift maintenance, handled by our professional forklift technicians with over 35 years of experience, so you know you can trust us for affordable prices and OEM forklift parts in town! We offer used forklift parts, OEM rebuilt forklift parts and other forklift services. Email us at  service@accurateforklift.net to request an estimate for used forklift parts, today.

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