Forklift Safety is a must in busy Warehouses with a hive of activity as people battle to keep timelines by getting products onto the racks and orders shipped out. This, coupled with the sizeable number of transient workers that feature in warehouses, it is easy to sacrifice safety and forklift service. That is why it is important to implement safety practices and engage in continuous training programs. In this blog, we look at some of the safety practices that must be commonplace in every safe warehouse.


Warehouse employees, especially forklift operators, must receive continuous safety training. You can rope in external partners to get professional training services or help crafting your training curriculum. Some of the common aspects that must feature in your forklift operator training include:

  • Raising and lowering loads

  • Proper speeds and negotiating corners

  • Following distance

  • Load stability

  • Relationship between load stability changes and changes in center of gravity

  • Lift servicing and inspection

  • Using lifts on slopes, various weather conditions, and rough terrain

Fuel safety

Whatever the fuel you use for your forklifts, whether propane, diesel, or electric, there are known hazards that you need to avoid. Forklifts that work with internal combustion engines are a bad choice for indoor work owing to the effects of incomplete combustion. While ventilation, open overhead doors, and large spaces may reduce the amount of carbon monoxide that reaches warehouse workers, a safe bet is to go electric. LPG and propane can also travel along the floor until it finds an ignition source. This is because they are heavier than air and also extremely flammable. Ask your forklift service provider to equip the exhaust with the best scrubbers and take other necessary precautions such

Forklift specifications

Always make sure that you buy forklifts that are configured to optimally operate in your warehouse. This include its height, width, attachments, among others. The forklift must also be able to reach and maneuver on the warehouse pathways and hazardous or classifieds areas. If you are looking for the best in forklift service and forklift rental services, look no further than accurate Forklifts. All our service and repairs make use of new forklift parts from Accurate Forklifts. Call us today to get more information on services and products including forklift service and forklift rental at 770-692-1451.

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  1. I thought this had some great information on forklift safety. Roping in external partners for professional training sounds like a wonderful idea. I imagine that getting an outside perspective can be quite beneficial.

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