One topic that can never be emphasized enough when it comes to working with forklifts is that of safety. From the point you invest in a forklift for sale, the dealer and the forklift’s manual leave no gray areas as to the importance of playing by the book and keeping an eye out to avoid potentially risky situations. To help, this blog lists some mentionable mistakes that you need to avoid when operating a forklift.

1.    Operating while Fatigued or On Medication

Operating machinery can be a bit tricky if you are under the influence of certain medications.  Discuss any medication with your doctor to establish if it causes drowsiness and whether or not you can safely operate machinery. The same amount of caution should also be exercised when you are feeling overly tired. Either avoid operating the forklift altogether or do so while making it a point to stay focused and take the necessary breaks.

2.    Driving over Unknown Liquids

Surface conditions of the work environment matter in a number of ways. Firstly they inform you on the best tires to fit to your forklift and the amount of caution you need to exercise depending on whether it is a wet surface, rugged terrain, asphalt, etc., as well as the type of loads that you will be hauling.  However, when it covers to wet surfaces, it is always important to know the type of substance before deciding whether or not it is safe to drive over it. This is because some liquids are flammable while others can damage the tires.

3.    Losing Track of Time

Gasoline and Propane forklifts for sale come with a separate requirement when compared to electric forklifts. Operators should never make the mistake of losing track of time especially when working indoors in confined spaces. Failure to keep track of time may result accumulation of carbon monoxide to dangerous levels.

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  1. One of the most common forklift accidents is a pedestrian being struck. Before beginning work, the operator should check all lifting equipment, and can result in the forklift tipping up – not only risking the safety of the concerned person but also people around him and yes the adding inventory loss as well.

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