When it comes to operating a forklift efficiently, a well-functioning transmission is essential as it can encounter issues over time. This is why at Accurate Forklift we offer reliable and affordable repair services and original used forklift parts in Atlanta GA. Whether you are looking to repair your forklift steer axel or transmission, we have the best solution for any business. We have knowledgeable technicians that use original rebuilt forklift parts to repair forklifts in Atlanta GA.

As your trusted partner for used forklift parts, rebuilt forklift transmissions, and rebuilt forklift steer axles in Atlanta, GA, we want our clients to understand better. To help you with that, in this blog, we explore the types of forklift transmission issues and how we fix them here at Accurate Forklift.

  1. Slipping Gears

Slipping gears is one of the most prevalent transmission issues in forklifts, this is when your equipment is struggling to stay in gear or abruptly shifting between gears. Apart from worn-out or damaged clutch plates and faulty solenoid valves, slipping gears can be caused by low transmission fluid levels. At Accurate Forklift, our experienced technicians thoroughly inspect the transmission to identify the root cause. We offer rebuilt forklift transmissions in Atlanta, GA, ensuring a reliable and cost-effective solution. Our high-quality rebuilt transmissions undergo rigorous testing to meet or exceed OEM specifications, resulting in dependable performance.

  1. Leaking Fluids

Transmission fluid leakage is another common problem that affects forklift transmissions. These leaks can occur due to worn-out seals, gaskets, or damaged transmission pans. If left unattended, fluid leakage can lead to overheating, improper lubrication, or even transmission failure. Accurate Forklift features a range of used forklift parts in Atlanta, GA, including seals, gaskets, and transmission pans. And also, our knowledgeable team will identify the source of the leak, replace the damaged components, and ensure proper sealing to prevent future leaks.

  1. Noisy Operation

Lastly, if you hear unusual noises coming from the transmission, such as grinding, whining, or clunking, it indicates underlying issues that need attention. These noises can be caused by worn-out bearings, damaged gears, or a failing torque converter. At Accurate Forklift, we understand the importance of a quiet and smooth-operating forklift. This is why we provide an extensive range of used forklift parts in Atlanta, GA, including bearings, gears, and torque converters. Our team will diagnose the source of the noise, replace the faulty components, and ensure proper alignment for optimal performance.

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As a forklift fleet or operator, make sure that you are aware of common transmission problems as this is crucial for maintaining the longevity and efficiency of your equipment. If you are looking for affordable and prompt forklift repair services, turn to Accurate Forklift for reliable solutions. We feature a curated selection of used forklift parts, rebuilt forklift transmissions, and rebuilt forklift steer axles in Atlanta, GA, combined with our expert technicians, ensuring that your forklift will be up and running smoothly in no time. Visit our website at https://www.accurateforklift.net/forklift-parts.html to find out more about our wide selection.

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