Used forklifts for sale are a lifesaver for businesses in need of affordable material handling equipment. Accurate Forklift is at the forefront of providing various industries with attractive deals on used forklift parts and used forklifts for sale. We stock all the different types of forklifts from popular brands. When you set out to buy a used forklift truck, it remains important to take steps to ensure that you get a deal that meets your needs. Here is a look at the various aspects that you have to consider when buying a used forklift for sale. 


Always prefer a dealer that has a large inventory of used forklifts for sale as opposed to buying from end-users. Dealers give you access to used forklift trucks for sale that have been rented out for 3-5 years. While most forklifts are operated for 1,500 hours in a year, rental forklift trucks often do 1,000 hours a year. Also, make sure that new or used forklift parts are available for options that make it to your shortlist. 

Maintenance Records

It is always important to go through the maintenance records of forklift trucks under your consideration.  The lack of maintenance records must a red flag, however, you can still proceed by conducting a thorough physical inspection. Accurate Forklift gives you up-to-date maintenance records to help you make an informed decision. 

Physical Inspection

It is always best to arrange for a physical inspection of the used forklift you wish to buy. Get help from an experienced mechanic in making the evaluation.  The inspection must include checking the mast operation with and without a load, checking for leaks, inspecting the brakes, and checking the tires.  

Test Drive 

If you are satisfied with the findings from the physical inspection, you must proceed to take the forklift for a test drive. Drive the forklift in a tight, figure-eight pattern in forward and reverse gears to check if the forklift steering response and accurate tracking. 

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If you wish to buy used forklift parts or used forklifts for sale in Atlanta, Accurate Forklift has got you covered. We have all types of used forklift trucks for sale from popular brands such as Caterpillar, Nissan, Toyota, and Hyster. Call us today to discuss your requirements and get a customized deal on used forklift parts and used forklifts for sale in Atlanta. Just dial 770 692 1455 or email us at sales@accurateforklift.net.

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