If you are looking to streamline your warehouse operations and business processes, proper forklift maintenance is a good starting point. Due diligence starts when you go hunting for forklifts for sale in Atlanta. It is folly to consider the price without looking at the costs of forklift oem parts and repair in Atlanta associated with the specific brand and model under consideration. Proper forklift maintenance and repair helps you reduce or eliminate downtimes, reduce repair costs, and run operations more smoothly.

Archaic safety practices

Safety in any warehouse largely relies on the safety practice in place. Failure to keep up with changes with regards to safety can result in fundamental errors, accidents, injuries, and even death during maintenance. Optimize your forklift maintenance practices by tapping into relevant changes within the industry.

Poor emissions control

You risk incurring fines if your forklift trucks don’t meet emissions control requirements. Any effective forklift maintenance regimen must be mindful of emissions control requirements to avoid the burden of fines on your warehouse at the time of inspections. One way to go about this is integrating green technology.

Unchecked leaks

Forklift maintenance crews and operators must liquid levels. Checking hydraulic fluid, battery, and coolant before releasing a forklift from the workshop or operating it should be standard practice to avoid overheating, loss of power and failed forks. It goes without saying how disastrous any of these incidents can be during the critical phases of hauling goods. Identify and fix problems before they demand costly repairs. You can get affordable used forklift parts in Atlanta to help keep your maintenance costs down.

Inaccurate tire pressure

Any forklift operator, owner, mechanic, or warehouse manager knows the importance maintaining the correct tire pressure at all times. That is why checking tire pressure should become second nature. Underinflating means poor traction, while overinflating can lead to blowouts. Forklift operators must keep pressure gauges handy at all times to avoid accidents and costly forklift repairs.

Get expert help

Not checking brakes routinely can also result in disaster or unnecessary costs. Talk to your provider of forklifts for sale in Atlanta to discuss the availability and costs of forklift oem parts in Atlanta for the forklift you want to buy or already own. They can also help you with forklift repairs and finding used forklift parts in Atlanta that have been tested. Discuss your forklift maintenance regime for advice on any areas that you may need to work on to improve safety and efficiency, and lower costs.

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  1. Thanks for the interesting read about maintaining a forklift in a warehouse. It’s good to know that you should try look at the emissions control of it, especially if it can affect your overall warehouse. I wonder if you should also check areas where the forklift goes to see if it was affected by any emissions.

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