Forklifts are huge and powerful, but they also will come to the end of their lives. It is always wise to know when you need to part ways with your forklift and get a new one. Knowing when to let your forklift go also positions you for trade-in deals that allow you to exchange your old forklift, top-up some money, and get a new forklift at a heavily discounted price. One prominent question comes to the fore in such considerations – How do I know my forklift’s trade-in value? Here are the main factors that go into the determination of your forklifts trade-in value.


A forklift with a lower than average hours is worth more than one that is way above. Hours are an important determinant as the life of a forklift can be estimated in terms of hours. Top brands such as Toyota make forklifts that last 25000 – 30000 hours. A forklift with 3000 hours and one with 8000 will differ greatly as opposed to those at 15000 and 18000 due to the plateau effect of the depreciation.


It goes without saying that a forklift that is well maintained will fetch more in terms of value than one that went through little or none at all. This is one of the benefits of taking good care of your forklift in that you get good residual value.


The specs of the forklift also come to bear when determining the value of a forklift. What is the brand, load capacity, sit or stand, power type, and mast height? Any accessories or attachments, such as fork positioner, also influence the value of the forklift.

Aesthetic appeal

At the end of day, much will also depend on how your forklift looks. Clean up your truck and take care of any visible damage to get the best resale value when you buy a forklift for sale.

We can help

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