There is a good reason why you must always stay alert to the condition of your forklift truck’s forks. Any malfunction when hauling loads can lead to damage to the forklift, damage or loss of the load, property damage, and even cause injury to the operator and any nearby people. The forks of a forklift can get damaged and thin with use and dragging. Improper use, drum handlers and a range of other forklift attachments and accessories can also lead to the same problems. Accurate Forklift offers forklifts for sale and rent as well as used forklift parts and repair and maintenance services to help you keep your forklift in the best shape. Here is a look at how you can inspect your forklift’s forks before contacting any of the Atlanta forklift dealers for any parts or service

Inspecting your forklift

Businesses that operate forklifts are required to get the forks of their trucks inspected yearly and more frequently if they operate longer shifts. You can get new forklift forks to replace your worn or damaged forks from any of the Atlanta forklift dealers in your area but it’s important to know when to do so. Here are some tips on inspecting your fork truck’s forks. 

Surface Cracks

Carefully check each fork for cracks paying attention to the welded areas where the forks attach to the forklift truck as well as the heel which is exposed to wear and damage during dragging. If you notice any cracks, contact any of the reputable Atlanta forklift dealers for a replacement. 

Uneven forks

Check the height of the blades for any differences. You must replace the forks if the difference is more than 3 percent of the blade.

Normal Wear

Forks decrease in capacity by double the amount of wear which is why you should always measure them periodically. You must use a special fork caliper to measure it for wear. Do this for the heel and blade and replace it if the wear gets to 10 percent. 

Blade and Shank Distortion

You must also replace the forks of your forklift truck if you notice any bend in the shank or blade. 

A Word of Advice

A great number of forks are damaged or suffer premature wear due to misuse. Make sure to use them only for the work they are intended for and avoid carrying loads that exceed the forks’ capacity. Some of the things that you need to avoid include:

  • Picking loads that are off-balance
  • Using forks to close rail car doors
  • Adding attachments that add stress on the forks
  • Picking loads that are too far on the forks
  • Collision with walls or other objects

Always inspect the forks if any of the things mentioned above happen as there may be some damage that exposes your operations and workers to great risk.

Talk to Accurate Forklift

Accurate Forklift has a huge inventory of forks, attachments, and accessories for a wide range of forklift types and capacities. It is advisable to always replace forklift forks in pairs. When looking for a reputable dealer that gives you access to customized deals on forklifts for sale and rent, forklift parts, attachments and accessories, as well as repair and maintenance services, talk to Accurate Forklift. Our team is always on standby to take care of your requirements and help you get new forks for your forklift truck. Just dial 770-692-1455 or email us at sales@accurateforklift.net.

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