It is important for the business to Maximize forklift uptime, especially with increasing demand in operation, the forklift needs to be robust and vigorous. Whether it’s a warehouse or construction operation, there are many factors that contribute to the longevity of the forklift. That is particularly true for the parts you select for your forklift, the parts will have a significant impact on the forklift’s uptime. When choosing used forklift parts in locations such as Atlanta, GA, you can consider genuine used forklift parts or aftermarket parts. Accurate Forklift is one of the leading forklift service providers that offer genuine rebuilt forklift parts including rebuilt forklift transmissions and steer axles in Atlanta, GA. continuing on the subject, in this blog, we discuss why is everyone talking about used forklift parts in Atlanta, GA    .

Damage prevention

Although aftermarket forklift parts are cheaper, they cannot guarantee their quality and may even cause damage to other components in the forklift. So, it can be beneficial to consider genuine forklift parts as they can help you prevent damage to other components of the forklift. This will help you avoid incurring more costs from fixing the associated damage that could be caused by aftermarket parts.


The great thing about genuine forklift parts from reputable companies such as Accurate Forklift is that they are often backed by a warranty. Apart from guaranteeing quality, the warranty covers costs in case the genuine forklift part you purchased were to fail. Aftermarket forklift parts do not always come with a warranty, so you could end up paying for another part if it were to prove faulty. At Accurate Forklift we trust our products as we offer a 90 days warranty cover for all our forklifts parts.


OEM or original forklift part manufacturers feature an effective and strong distribution network with great parts availability,  at least that is true for us at Accurate Forklift. We have almost 90 percent forklift parts availability, some of the highest forklift truck parts availability in the industry, both new and used. Apart from having online access to extensive stock, we also have a warehouse based in Atlanta, GA and wherever you are located in the US, we are able to get the forklift part you require to you quickly, to minimize the downtime.


When you buy an OEM or genuine forklift part, you are guaranteed that it will meet the original specification. This means your forklift will keep on performing the same way as always. the new part will automatically fit. Also, the forklift part will be reliable and exactly what you require to get your forklift back to good working condition.

Our Used forklift parts service

The above-listed are some of the reasons why everyone is talking about used forklift parts in Atlanta, GA, understanding them can help you consider buying genuine forklift parts. At Accurate Forklift we feature a wide range of both new and used forklifts parts that are factory tested and affordable. If you are looking for used forklift parts in Atlanta, GA, feel free to contact our forklift specialist to get more information on your requirements. Our forklift parts guarantee full exchange compatibility and offer durability and reliability standards.  Contact our team of specialists to get professional assistance for all types of forklift parts including rebuilt forklift transmissions and steer axles, call us at 770-692-1455 or email service@accurateforklift.net.

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